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This page is all about the cut rock candy I make out of my home kitchen, and about how you can get your hands on some for FREE!

Q: How does this work exactly?
A: You simply send me an email at saying how many bags of candy you'd like (up to 5), and whether you'd like to have them delivered in person or by mail. If you want your candy sent by mail, I'll tell you how much to paypal me for shipping. That's it!

Q: Why do you give away your candy for free?
A: There are two reasons. First of all, I don't want to sell my candy to my friends. Second of all, making a hobby into a business involves a great amount of extra time and money that I don't feel like giving up. I don't even know if I'd earn a profit selling candy because I'd have to pay a bunch of extra fees on top of ingredient costs (business insurance, commercial kitchen rental, etc.). I love creating something of beauty and value for other people, and giving my candy away allows me to do so on my own terms, without giving up my freedoms.

Q: How do you get those little images into the candy?
A: It's a secret! :)

Q: Is the candy safe to eat???
A: Yes! I used to make this type of candy out of an inspected commercial kitchen, and I hold myself to all of the same food safety standards that I followed while I was working there. Well, almost all of the safety standards - I wash dishes in a regular dishwasher as opposed to a 3-compartment sink. As far as the candy itself goes, it's a gluten-free and vegan product, and I use only natural ingredients to produce it.

Q: Can I request some candy even if I'm not your friend?
A: Yes, probably! Send me an email and we'll work something out.

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